Parameter session_subprojs_dirs
  The session_subprojs_dirs tag is used to add subprojects to the debug session build list. This tag has effects on the current session only, i.e. no other sessions detect changes to it.

Parameter exclude_subprojs_dirs
  Tag exclude_subprojs is used to exclude subprojects from a base project configuration. The easiest way to exclude all subprojects from the base build list is to assign symbol % to this tag

Parameter flags_common
  The flags_common tag is used to specify common compilation flags. This tag has effects on all subprojects compiled within the current debug session.

Parameter <subproject_name>_flags
  The tag <subproject_name>_flags is used to specify subproject-specific compilation flags. These flags only have effect on the current debug session.

Parameter depend
  The tag depend is used to specify whether dependency information will be used or not. Assign "yes" for it to be used, and "no" otherwise. If "yes" is used then the tag autodep needs to be assigned (project Makefile). The "no" value requires the default target to contain the cache clean command in its commands list.

Command default
  The default target is used to specify default make action. List of possible commands: build, clean, tests, <subproject_name>_build, <subproject_name>_clean, <subproject_name>_tests or any other user-defined command.