Parameter <subproject_name>_source_dirs
  The source_dirs tag is used to specify directories where source files are located. Directories should be specified relative to the project root directory and within the project tree. Make-Effect supports unit tests for these source files. Test sources are automatically included in a tests compilation if they are placed in [Tests] subdirectories.

Parameter <subproject_name>_notests_source_dirs
  Tag notests_source_dirs is used to specify subproject source directories. Unlike the source_dirs, tests will not be compiled for sources from these directories.

Parameter <subproject_name>_source_files
  Tag source_files is used to add specific source files to a subproject compilation. Make-Effect does not search unit tests for these files. If tests are needed, please use the tests_source_files tag.

Parameter <subproject_name>_tests_source_files
  Tag tests_source_files is used to add specific unit test source files to a subproject unit-tests compilation.

Parameter <subproject_name>_exclude_files
  Tag exclude_files is used to exclude specific source files from being added to a compilation as part of directories source_dirs or notests_source_dirs .

Parameter <subproject_name>_flags
  Tag flags is used to specify C/C++ compiler flags.

Parameter <subproject_name>_cflags
  Tag cflags is used to specify C compiler flags.

Parameter <subproject_name>_cppflags
  Tag cppflags is used to specify C++ compiler flags.

Parameter <subproject_name>_ldflags
  Tag ldflags is used to specify linker flags.

Parameter <subproject_name>_tests_ldflags
  Tag tests_ldflags specifies linker flags for a unit test compilation. This tag is used to include external libraries for unit testing.

Parameter <subproject_name>_main_obj
  Tag main_obj is used to specify object file that has a main() function so as to exclude it from a unit tests compilation.

Parameter <subproject_name>_out_dir
  Tag out_dir is used to specify the binaries output directory.

Parameter <subproject_name>_test_out_dir
  Tag test_out_dir is used to specify the tests binaries output directory.